Homesick for Florida? 8 Reasons Why We Finally Get It

Homesick for Florida? 8 Reasons Why We Finally Get It

The diverse culture or the delectable edible offerings may have won your heart, but there’s just something that makes true Floridians just long for home anytime they are away from the Sunshine State.  Is it the hundreds of miles of beaches, multiple of cuisine offerings and let's not forget the amusement parks that are just  icing on the cake—or the key lime pie, whichever floats your boat.

No matter how much time you’ve spent in Florida, here’s a list of why you’ll always want to go back home for more:

1.    The weather

Having the perfect combination of rain and sun, Florida never expects you to stock up on anything more than shorts, t-shirts, sunglasses and plenty of sunscreen. Forget sweaters. Who wears coats? And anytime you leave the great state of Florida you are aghast how humans can handle subzero temperatures, like anything that gets below 50 degrees.  


2. Tropical Fruit

Home to the best oranges in the country, Florida’s wide range of readily available tropical fruit is enough for you to stay in the state forever. Honestly, almost all citrus grows better in Florida. And let's not forget that Florida avocados stay perfectly beautiful with an even green tone. No shriveled brown avocados in this state!

3.    Swimmers Paradise

With over 700 natural springs and over 650 miles of beaches, Florida has plenty of recreational options from swimming to scuba diving where you will never get bored. Your endurance will end far sooner than the array of water activities to partake in. 

4.    Amusement Parks

Having fun is second nature to Floridians. Amusement parks like Walt Disney World in Orlando and Legoland in Winter Haven will make you wonder why you ever decided to leave. Do people even know how to have fun outside of Florida?

5.    Key Lime Pies

Often nicknamed the official pie of Florida and the state’s staple dessert, Key lime pies are enough of a reason for you to head back to the southeastern state. After all, the key limes basically grow in back yards here. And it's a refreshing dessert, which allows one to indulge often and still have the energy to refer back to the water sports. 

6.    Endangered Species

Florida is home to some of the most diverse set of endangered species from the Florida panther to manatees. As a state, Florida collectively protects wildlife in natural habitats. It's a worthwhile cause that is just second nature to Floridians. 

7.    Nature at its Best

Still not convinced? A million acres of biological diversity and the world’s third largest coral reef might make you change your mind about Florida.

8.    Succulent Cuisine

Florida has produced and attracted some of the best chefs in the world. From the all natural bounty to the sweet, fresh seafood, Florida knows how to bring the flavor! Restaurants are not afraid to take risk here, but they always know how to serve up a few classics. Just know that the menu will never disappoint in this great state. After all, you can always finish your meal with a big serving of that key lime pie!

Packed your bags to return home yet?

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