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15 Reasons To Date a Georgia Girl

      If you're already know a Georgia girl, you already know all of this. But not everybody is that lucky. So, here's why...
      1. They are BEAUTIFUL, but you already knew this. Southern "Belle" (from the french word meaning beautiful) has a universal understanding, but the ladies from Georgia are just extra special. 
      2. They know how to dress. Making herself look good in any situation is in a Georgia girl's DNA. She's bound to have lots of sundresses and bright Lilly Pulitzer everything. Always presentable. Always smiling. Plus, she'll probably get you to dress well, too!

      3. They can cook. Peach pie. Hearty shrimp and grits. Ribs. Seafood. Just picture breakfast in bed. With bacon. And biscuits.

      4. Did I mention fried is a food group?

      5. She can hold her drinks. With all of the fairs, weddings, balls, dances, oyster roasts, and backyard barbecues, Georgia girls have a lot of experience. And they know how to hold their own.

      6. They are master entertainers. They're great storytellers and conversationalists, and can host an event when need be. Tailgating? She doesn't mess around- especially with the 15+ dip, wings, and appetizer recipes she has memorized. Dinner party? She knows how to make a table look sharp. 

      7. Speaking of tailgating, they can hold their own in any game. Corn hole. Beer pong. Lawn bowling. They NAIL these Georgia staples.

      8. They know how to K.I.S.S. "Keep it simple, stupid," that is. That's a popular motto in Georgia- for good reason. Small town and city people in Georgia alike lead low-stress, positive lives. You won't see more smiling faces anywhere else. As a result, they're great at comforting and supporting those close to them.

      9. They're into football as much as you. She can dish out game strategy on demand odds and probably argue her fantasy lineup better than you. 

      10. They are loyal. Georgians are family oriented and will have your back no matter what- if you treat them well.

      11. Manners. No fist fights or nastiness here. Expect lots of "ma'am,"s "sir,"s "please,"s and "thank you,"s, and a strong handshake when necessary. Compared to people from more chaotic environments, they're a breath of fresh air. 

      12. Your parents will love them. What's not to love in a girl who can dress well, is one of the most polite people ever, can cook, and looks great at any occasion? The real issue here might be telling your parents if you break up. 

      13. Country Music. Hate it or love it, you've gotta love it. 

      14. They love the outdoors. Georgia girls are all about sunshine and adventure. Fishing on Sundays was a routine summer activity, and there's nothing like the warm Georgia sun to get a girl hiking or going to the beach.
      15. The accent. A Georgia girl's southern accent is the Siren's song. There's nothing sweeter than a Georgia girl saying "I love you."

      Not everybody is lucky enough to date a Georgia girl. But everyone can own our Georgia Homesick Candle, which we carefully scented with classic Georgia scents, and hand poured ourselves. They're the best thing you ever smelled, and will remind you (or a loved one) of what it's like to be from Georgia-- the greatest state in the country. Check it out!

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